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Improving your print and digital communication is good value for your marketing dollars. Let Sharp Copy show you how.

Creating products or offering services is what gets you out of bed in the morning, but writing about them leaves you cold. I write information you want to share with people – the infographics, web content, brochures, scripts, articles and other information people want but you don’t have time to create.

Reach Out

An effective communications strategy combines a static web presence with dynamic client outreach. But how? I plan and manage engaging outreach campaigns through a variety of platforms that interest and educate your customers via newsletters, ePub materials, social media, emails, and more.


Knowing the elements that make a well-designed, top-ranking website is the first step in having one for yourself. Fresh, hot content from someone who can also deliver a right-sized website represents great value to corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike.


Hiring a professional to sift, sort and compile your ideas into a cohesive, articulate document is incredibly valuable. With keen attention to the details of copy, structure and style, your ideas sound polished and clear – exactly what your customers need and want from you.


Are you communicating your message effectively to your customers? Sharp Copy will perform a content analysis based on your existing content and marketing plan and then work to strengthen your assets. Mixed messages across your marketing materials result in lost time spent trying to sell your products and services to people who aren’t your best prospects.


Every year, Sharp Copy commits to a couple turnkey digital marketing projects to benefit Chatham-Kent. If you manage a non-profit event or group, and need more marketing than you have dollars, contact me.


Ensure that your message is consistent in everything you produce, from your company mission statement down to you business cards. Considering that your physical presence is advanced and extended by print and digital marketing, it makes sense to ensure they match by hiring the right professional.

Sharp Copy Media will answer all your communications questions.


Really ready. Really sharp.

In case you hadn't noticed, we live in the era of 'do more with less'. Digital marketing is either radically good value or a waste of your hard-won revenue - and it mostly depends on who you hire. So look for the person who writes clearly and professionally, who has proven strategies that match the rules of the writing, editing, and search industries, who treats your business like it's important (it is!) and who can explain things in a way you understand. Trust your intuition because you're sharp, and so am I. Let's get to work.

  • Hardworking

    Arrive on time, ready to go. Meet the deadline. And the revision deadline. And the one after that. Trust in the process, then repeat.

  • Honest

    When you trust your word-slinger like you trust your mechanic, really great content is made. I have an love for explaining complicated things well.

  • Authentic

    Timely. Flexible. Polite. Funny. Ethical. Definitely a morning person.

  • Clear

    For more wordsmithery and less gobbletygook, first listen hard. Only then is clear writing possible.

Sharp Copy Media is a proud member of both the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the Editors' Association of Canada. Having service and quality guidelines for copy, content and editorial work is an important measure that all businesses should look for.
Professional Writer's Association of Canada Editor's Association of Canada


Sometimes too real, but it works.
Barb Easter
Barb Easter
Word slinger. Internet builder. Grammar aficionado. Boss & Custodian.
After more than 10 years helping people communicate clearly, Barb finds pleasure in the economics of running a small business, managing digital campaigns, writing clearly, being kind and getting her edit on. Barb is a morning person in every timezone.

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