While images snag a reader’s attention and often serve to clarify a point, copy has a long history of delivering a satisfying publication, deal, or story…or not.

I’d like you to view some of the work I’ve done over the past few years. A few of the documents have been published under my byline, but many more were either confidential, under corporate brand, or ghost-written. If there are samples of a specific type you wish to see, please advise me.

Technical Documents

Websites and Live Content

Articles and Blogs

A word about my boutique marketing and content company, Sharp Copy Media: Sharp Copy was born in part to combat the increase of poorly written website and advertising copy in an age where it seems that everyone thinks graphic design is sexy, but that English is still wearing the bloomers of centuries past. Its official birthday is 2012, when I transitioned to writing full-time, and it has grown exponentially both in scope and revenue – in the literal sense of the word – every year since.